How do our tests work??


1. Your order

You start with ordering a product from our webshop, which is easy. You can pay with a payment method of choice, such as PayPal or Credit card. If you order before 22.30, we’ll ship your order the same day. Our tests are send out in a discrete box with no labels except for your address, so nobody will know about your order.

2. Take your test at home

If you have received your test, unwrap it. In the leaflet you will find a checklist of materials that are coming with your home test and instructions on taking the test. Depending on the type of test you have ordered you will either collect a urine sample, take a vaginal swab or collect some blood from your finger tip.


3. Returning your sample

Once you have taken the test and collected your sample, wrap the sample as instructed in the leaflet. You can send the sample back to our laboratory using our return box. You can simply send your box through Royal Mail. The return box is completely blank with the exception for the return address, so nobody can tell that you’ll be sending a test sample.

As soon as your sample arrives at our laboratory we will start analysing it for you.

4. Check your test results online

As soon as we’ve completed the analysis of your sample you will receive your test results through our online portal. We aim to deliver your test results within 7 working days of receiving your sample. You can log in into your personal account by using the code that has been delivered with your home test. If you test positively for one or more STD, your next step will be to go to your General Practicioner for treatment. If necessary, we can provide you with a medical document containing all test results for your GP.

If your test results are inconclusive (meaning that we cannot tell with certainty that you test positive or negative for a STD or other test) we will contact you. We will then send you a second home test free of charge, because we feel it’s very important that you get a conclusive result when using our tests.